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Natural, Plant-based
Ingredients Blended by Hand

Sunu Kër utilise nothing but natural, plant-based ingredients to produce our unique range of products. Our ingredient suppliers are extremely important to us and we ensure that every butter, oil and wax we purchase is responsibly sourced and cruelty free. We want to give our customers the peace of mind that the products they are putting on their bodies every day provide nothing but pure goodness, for themselves and the wider environment. Most of all, we want a chance to prove that the effects you want do not come from harmful chemicals or preservatives; they come from mother nature and can be blended by hand by us.

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Inspired by African Beauty Practices

African beauty is elegant, pure and informed by countless years of tradition. Guided by international needs, we utilise traditional African ingredients and techniques to meet the demands of contemporary, conscious people to create beautiful, innovative beauty products and accessories. We seek fresh inspiration and ingredients on our regular trips to Senegal, and make everything in small batches back at our home in the UK for optimum results.

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Formulated for people of all shades

At Sunu Kër we pride ourselves on a range that will suit a variety of skin and hair types. We believe that we can produce beautiful, healthy results for anybody. Email us for a consultation about how our products can work best for you.