Sunu Kër is Wolof for Our Home. All of our products are homemade, hand-blended, and inspired by the natural beauty practices and raw ingredients of Africa; the earliest home to all of us.

Sunu Kër was founded by British/Senegalese artist Aïcha Daffé in early 2016, inspired by her experiences of living and working in Senegal, West Africa the previous year. Like many young women of black origin, she had spent years and (not to mention a small fortune) building a hair and beauty regimen that worked for her back home in the UK, only to find that the natural raw ingredients she used whilst living in Africa provided results she didn't even know were possible for her skin and hair.

She was captivated by natural hair and beauty scene happening in Senegal, lead by inspiring bloggers, doctors, photographers and hairdressers who oppose hair straightening and skin bleaching, and encourage healthy natural beauty care. She was keen to find a way to continue to use natures finest ingredients upon her arrival back in England, and began blending her own formulations of natural, plant-based beauty products for friends and family.

It was then that Sunu Kër came into fruition as a mission to provide healthy, cruelty-free and safe personal care alternatives to people everywhere.

Aïcha Daffé, Founder of Sunu Kër  (photo by The Casual Obs, Dakar)

Aïcha Daffé, Founder of Sunu Kër

(photo by The Casual Obs, Dakar)